A walk in the sunshine

What a great start to our morning with a wonderful walk in the sun ☀ Class 6 were amazing and did really well to walk for 2 miles!

A huge thank you to all of the parents/ carers and other adults who joined us today!

We are hoping to raise lots of money from our sponsored walk so thanks in advance for your continued support!

Mrs Wallace 😊

Ks1 sponsored walk

What a fantastic walk class 7 had this morning! We all successfully completed our 2 mile sponsored walk around Thorne in the glorious sunshine! I hope the parents who joined us enjoyed it as much as the children did although they especially enjoyed the juice and biscuits afterwards.

We are raising money as a key stage to help us with the production of 4 safety boards, which will be permanently placed in and around the Thorne Community showing children’s work and ideas to help promote safety on scooters, skateboards and bikes!

Thank you in advance for any money that we receive , we as staff and the children appreciate your continued support!

Mrs Shaw x

Well done year 1 and year 2 for completing your 2 mile sponsored walk this morning. You were a credit to the school with outstanding behaviour and energy! The sun shining was just perfect weather for a walk.  The children enjoyed a drink and treat when they returned to school.

Thank you to all the family members that walked with us, your support is very much appreciated.

Mrs Jackson and the KS1 team