Acrylic Poppies


I am incredibly proud of all of the Year 4 children today. They worked collaboratively to create a canvas per class filled with individual poppies in remembrance of those who died in the war. The children used acrylic inks to create their masterpieces.

Well done to you all! I’m blown away by the high standard of art work you have created.

The paintings will be displayed in the St Nicolas Parish Church for the week running up to Remembrance Sunday before returning to school to be displayed somewhere for all to see!

Mrs Hay 🙂

  1. Miss Salter

    Beautiful Work! How lovely that they’ll be displayed in our community too… Well done year 4 and Mrs Hay!

  2. They are absolutely stunning Year 4. Well done to everybody on producing an amazing piece of artwork collaboratively. I can’t wait to see them on display.

  3. Miss Schön

    Wow! They are absolutely beautiful. Well done Mrs Hay and all the children in Y4. I cant wait to see them on display!

  4. Wow, well done Year 4. I look forward to displaying these amazing pieces of work. Thank you Mrs Hay.

  5. Clare Holiday

    These canvas paintings are amazing! I went to St Nicholas church over the weekend to see the remembrance displays and everybody I spoke to said how wonderful the canvases were. Well done year 4!

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