A beautiful memorial for ‘Our Alan’

Thanks to all for your attendance today,  a beautiful tribute to Alan Finley.
Alan was an amazing man. More than a caretaker, he was a friend to all staff, a
smile for all parents and most of all a champion for all children. His love for Leicester
City, sketching and horse racing will always stay with us. But it’s his total dedication
to the community of Green Top which will never be matched again. He was a true
Green Top legend. 
A video of the balloon release can be seen with the Leicester City Anthem here… Alan would have loved this!
He will be sorely missed.

Day 9

Today Elfie gave class 10 a task! They had to teach Elfie all about prepositions and they did this by using a Santa’s where’s wally! Then they had to edit and improve a story Santa has written for a little boy. They had to add features from the Year 3 RUBRIC such as contracted words, prepositions, pronouns and year 3/4 spellings to name a few! Class 10 did a fabulous job and I am really proud of them. I bet Elfie can not wait to return them to Santa!



Christmas Choir :)

A heart warming trip to some of our local residential homes this week (Adeline house and Bennfield House). The choir did a fantastic job spreading festive cheer and judging by the smiling faces they helped make some peoples Christmas a very special one. The residents loved chatting to the children about Christmas and loved joining in with singing and dancing too:)


Well done 🙂 you did us proud again!



Day 8

Today Elfie was sellotaped to the whiteboard! Class 10 had the challenge of finding out who did this to poor Elfie by finding out the clues in their maths lesson this morning. They were all awesome and their fabulous maths skills were certainly put to the test!

Ask your child who the culprit was!

Day 7

Today, Elfie was trying to write to class 10 on the chrome book and ended up stuck in the screen!

He had a special request for us to help the elves work load by writing letters to the children in bluebell wood hospice. All children have made fabulous cards and I know they’ll love receiving them.

Crib Festival 2018

Last week, Class 11 enjoyed visiting the Methodist church  to see the Crib Festival. The church looked wonderfully festive with the various nativity displays.

What a great way for us to start the Christmas theme.

Miss Laing

Sending Christmas love to Bluebell Wood!

The children in Class 11 have worked extremely hard this morning to create some beautiful Christmas cards ready to send to the children at Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

The children wanted to send some Christmas spirit over to them and hope that their cards help to make somebody smile.

Well done everyone, your cards are absolutely beautiful with such thoughtful messages inside.

Miss Laing


Showtime!! Costumes for Year 3/4 Nativity…


Today, your children should have taken home their character slips informing you all of what part they will be performing in our Nativity performance next Thursday (20th) at St Nicholas Church, 1.30pm.

If you wish, you may provide your own costume for their character however, we do have some costumes that we have set aside for certain people if they are needed.

Please see the list below for the different characters and what we ask as a basic requirement to ensure that all children doing that part are dressed the same. It will also show if we have a costume that we can provide or if you would need to provide this:

Mary = plain white t-shirt and black leggings (school will provide the blue dresses)

Joseph = Brown shirt (can be patterned) and black trousers (own costume)

Mr Poppy = Shirt and black trousers (own costume)

Mr Maddens = Smart shirt with tie and black trousers (own costume)

Mrs Bevan Headteacher = Black leggings and black cardigan (school will provide the dress)

Jennifer = black leggings and black cardigan (school will provide the dress to go over the top)

Hollywood Director = Black long-sleeved top or just a black cardigan (school will provide a dress)

Star = Plain white dress with white tights ( own costume, however school can provide some white dresses if need be). Children will be wearing silver tinsel as headbands (school will provide this).

Shepherd = Plain white t-shirt with normal school trousers (school will provide dresses over).

Sheep = Plain white t-shirt with black trousers

KingsPlain white t-shirt with tracksuit bottoms (school will provide the king costume)

Boyband = Plain white t-shirt with tracksuit bottoms

 Nazareth civilians and Singers = Boys- Plain black t-shirt with black trousers

Girls- Plain black dress with black tights

Father Christmas singers = Christmas pajamas with some slippers.


We would like to thank you all for your continued support and co-operation. If you have any problems or concerns regarding costumes, then please do not hesitate to speak to your class Teacher.

The children are working incredibly hard to put on a great show, so we cannot wait to share it with you all.

Many thanks,

The Year 3 and 4 Teaching Staff