Factory Shop 50 years event

Parents/carers if you have any photos of today’s event please email them to

y3-4@greentopschool.co.uk and I will add them to the blog.

Thank you again to everyone who attended.

Thorne factory shop winners!

Here are a few photos from the Factory Shop 50 years celebration event today. Class 10 were the local winners of the competition and they were given the opportunity to; perform some songs today, see their art work on display, have their faces painted and they were given goody bags and buns as a well done treat!

Well done Class 10! Mrs Clay and I are so proud of you. You all sang beautifully and you were a credit to Green Top! As always a huge thank you to parents and carers for supporting the children. I know they had fun and we appreciate you giving up your Saturday afternoon to support them!

I shall add more photos on Class 10’s blog and please keep your fingers crossed we win the final round!

Lilly the superstar!

Lilly was so excited to show the class this photo of her at the UDO championships. Lilly is a little dancing super star and we all love her showing us her sassy moves! This is an awesome photo Lilly and we are all so glad you brought it in to share with us!

Year 3 reading buddies

Class 10 decided to invite Class 9 into our paired accelerated reader session so we could have the opportunity to read to children who we don’t usually read to.  The children had so much fun so we are going to keep this up every week!

Here are a few photos of the children enjoying their reading time! 

Fantastic fish paintings!

Class 5 have produced some amazing fish paintings this afternoon. They drew the fish from watching a video and then used wooden dowel and cotton buds to fill them in with different colours. They are fantastic!


Well done class 5!


Miss Hilton

Fraction carousel

Over the past few weeks, Class 10 have been working on fractions. They have covered lots during this topic and were feeling really confident. Yesterday, the children participated in a carousel of activities. They used the RUBRIC strands to help identify which station they needed to visit and they worked with different partners on a number of questions including :finding fractions of an amount, comparing fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and equivalent fractions. The children worked really hard and they are feeling even more confident with fractions now! Here is a quick snippet of the lesson.