EYFS Theme Celebration

A huge thank you to every parent that took out time to come and join us for our carnival celebration event yesterday! The children enjoyed showcasing their work from around the world to show how we celebrate universally. The children confidently shared their learning journey and favourite dances and I was absolutely blown away! Well done EYFS!

If parents/carers have any photos they would like to send in to be added to the blog we would be happy to share them on our blog.



Beating Siri!

Class 10 love challenging Siri with their times table knowledge! If they manage to write their answer down before Siri answers they get a house point. As you can see lots of the children have been earning lots of house points!

I have challenged the children to try this at home to see if they can beat their score next week!

Charles Darwin – Adaptation

Class 17 have been learning about Charles Darwin’s theory on adaptation. In Science we used a range of resources to use as Finches Beaks and used these resources to pick up a range of items in 30 seconds to see which beak was best adapted for picking up food.