open the book


We had our open the book assembly yesterday and some of the audience got a chance to be part of it! Everyone listened to the story carefully and joined in with the song at the end. Everyone showed our guests how great Green Top children are, we are very proud of you all.

Buying our chocolate bars

We had fun buying a chocolate bar and some sweets for our new theme…linking in some maths skills to calculate change from a pound or in some cases how much more money they had for extra sweets! Well done guys. 

Creating plyscripts

Class 9 loved throwing themselves into writing plyscripts for their hook into their new English cycle this week. Being able to chose their own scenario around our new class book really got them hooked in! Fantastic efforts guys.




Diversity week

Yesterday, years 3&4 worked together to create a poster on Buddhism. The children were given time to research the religion and then they had to put their knowledge into a poster. It was so lovely to see the children work hard with other children from the other year group; children who may have never even spoken to one another before.

The quality of the posters were awesome and it was so hard to choose one group as a winner!  But these girls worked so hard all morning, critiquing their drawings and their facts to make it even better! Well done to Emily, Maddy and Zoey who won the poster competition!

3/4 celebration event

Thank you to all who attended our celebration event this morning to celebrate our theme learning “why are you running for your life?” Staff and children have worked hard to create a fun event which could contribute to our ongoing fundraising for the charity “habitat for humanity”. Thank you for your contributions; as always, it is really appreciated.

The 3/4 team


Class 9 were faced with a complicated task of describing some well known children’s characters to a friend without relieving what film or book they were from or their names.

All descriptions had to be based on their looks, dress and personality.  Their partner had to draw what was described to them while also trying to guess the famous character.

Here are just a few of their creations caught on camera!!