Family learning

I have read many beautiful chocolate poems this afternoon. I have such a creative class with creative parents and Mrs Clay have really enjoyed this afternoon. I hope you have all had a fabulous afternoon.

York chocolate story


Class 10 had a fantastic time at York chocolate story yesterday. They walked around the chocolate story museum and they tried lots of chocolate. They learnt about the oldest chocolate bars and how chocolate is made. They also learnt lots about kit-kats. The children then got to make their own chocolate lolly and chocolate bar. They had lots of fun and they were so polite and a credit to our school.

A huge thank you to all of the parents who came to support us on our trip- we couldn’t do it without you and we hope you enjoyed the trip too!


Jaiden’s Diwali facts!

In theme this week, we have been looking at Diwali. The children found it really interesting and wanted to know more. Jaiden very kindly offered to ask his mum if she could help as they celebrate Diwali. He spent time with mum that evening and brought us in this sheet of facts his mum had very kindly written for us which he then shared with the rest of the class.

Thank you Jaiden and Mrs Wells! We are very appreciative. £100 class cash for you Jaiden.

Accelerated reader treats








These children were selected at random this morning out of our lollipop box. Every time a child achieves 100% on an accelerated reader quiz they get to put their name in the box. 8 children were chosen this morning to have a milkshake treat.


Keep up the hard work Class 10 and let’s see who wins next time!