EYFS Theme Celebration

A huge thank you to every parent that took out time to come and join us for our carnival celebration event yesterday! The children enjoyed showcasing their work from around the world to show how we celebrate universally. The children confidently shared their learning journey and favourite dances and I was absolutely blown away! Well done EYFS!

If parents/carers have any photos they would like to send in to be added to the blog we would be happy to share them on our blog.



World Book Day

Nursery absolutely blew me away on world book Day! Every costume and story that was shared was a special moment that brought a favourite story alive ! Here are some photos of our fun day!


I have been made aware of a potential closure of the memorial park due to the forecast of high winds.

The Thorne Moorends Town Council Facebook page states

‘Current forecasts suggest that we may experience wind gusts of up to 56mph overnight and tomorrow. If such winds do arise, due to the high number of trees in the park we may need to close access to Thorne Memorial Park for safety reasons. Access to the café however will be maintained. 

We know that a number of parents use the park as a shortcut to Green Top Primary School so please potentially plan your journeys on the basis that access to the park may be restricted.’



Fun with Phonics

This week in nursery the children have been practising the syllables in their names while playing the African drums. At home this week I wonder if you could find a drum to practice the syllables in words you know? (A pan/tub/bucket/bowl/step) Don’t forget to share your learning wit the adults in your class to get your reward!

World Book Day Fun!

I am so proud of nursery for their amazing efforts on world Book day. Every child looked absolutely wonderful dressed as their favourite story book character. The children had so many wonderful conversations about stories and characters and shared many stories with each other.

Thank you to Heidi for our world Book day buns and congratulations to Francesca for winning a prize in assembly for her home made costume and knowledge of her story book and character!