Fun with Phonics

This week in nursery the children concentrated on their mark making. Here they are trying to use a pincer grip while working in any exciting way. Of course cake decorating was our favourite! This week at home why don’t you try practising this skill while drawing a wonderful picture or card for Christmas? Don’t forget to show me so you can get your class reward! Have fun!

Theme celebration Day

In Nursery today the children brought to life the story of the Scarecrow’s wedding.

Re enacting the story, creating decorations, wedding posies and a wedding cake (A fantastic way to practice our mark making!)  The children had a wedding party with food and of course dancing at the end of the day joined by our fantastic parents.

A big thank you to all the parents and staff that made today possible and for the beautiful costumes and effort you went to to make today happen.

A Wonderful day and a fond farewell to Mrs Billadeau whom we wish the very best to in her new ventures.

Fun with phonics!

This week in nursery the children explored Instrumental sounds .They worked well to verbalise and describe the sounds they could hear instruments making. They were fascinated with how some instruments made more than one sound!

I wonder if this week you can create at home an instrument that makes a banging or a shaking sound?


Don’t forget to show your work to an adult so that you can collect your class reward!

Making bird feeders

The nursery children created bird feeders for the nursery garden today. What a great fine motor activity! The children were so engaged and it helped us to think about theme learning even more.

Wonderful Work!

Carter showed his excitement for number this week as he showed his understanding of the number 20.Carter counted as he made 20 marks in the shape of a rectangle and then wrote the number 20 in the middle of his shape. Well done Carter!


Children in need

On Friday the children in nursery joined in with their teachers to wear something spotty for Pudsey! The children listened to Pudseys story and created their own spotty outfits. In maths the children counted out coins on to Pudsey to show how money together makes more to help those children in need. Through out the day lots of fun was had making spotty crafts and reflecting on this special day. Well done nursery and thank you for your donations!