Sam’s Safari Camping Adventure

  • Today we joined Sam’s Safari on a camping adventure. We got ready, packed our bag and climbed a mountain and pitched our rent in a perfect spot.  We met lots of animals on our journey including stick insects, frogs, hedgehogs, Bruce the bearded dragon and Peter the rabbit! Not forgetting the tortoise and Kerry the snake! The story helped us to learn about the animals, what they eat and their habitats.

EYFS Family learning

On Wednesday 7th November all parents of children within EYFS are invited to join us at our family learning event and come and meet Sam’s Safari. Sam’s Safari will take us on a camping adventure where we will be able to meet many animals along the story adventure.

Nursery parents are invited to attend one of the following sessions:

9:30-10:15 am

12:45-1:30 pm

Arrive at nursery doors before the session starts. Nursery gates will be locked before the session begins so please be on time.

Class 3: 1:45-2:30 pm (arrive at nursery doors for 1:30 pm)

Class 4: 10:30-11:15 am (arrive at nursery doors for 10:15 am)

Hope to see you there

The EYFS team


Please note at the end of the day parents will still need to collect children from their classroom door .


Hot dogs, popcorn and film night

Sunset club staff and children enjoyed ‘film night’ to celebrate the end of the half term. Great fun was had by all!



Conker fun!

This week in nursery the children were set a maths challenge! To create a number line collaboratively as they come into school! It was great to hear the maths language the children used to discuss where their conker should go and some children were even reading the number to their friends and parents. The problem solving and excitement was great to hear and see. Well done nursery!

The Little Red Hen

This week in nursery we explored the story of The Little Red Hen. Lots of book talk about the characters and the events of the story helped the children make predictions and retell the story to each other. Children made bread and muffins in the homecorner and sang along to the Little Red Hen Song!

Fun with phonics

This week in phonics we have had lots of nursery rhyme fun! Our challenge this week is to share our favourite nursery rhyme with our family. Don’t forget to tell Miss Carter for your reward!

Are you looking for a Nursery Place for your child?

Doncaster admissions now open for 2019 nursery applications

Apply via the local authority online. (click this link!)

Teacher led learning for 3 year olds     Additional adults, so smaller group sizes

Offering many different places and options including: 7.30am to 6pm each day

Brand new learning spaces              Homemade hot lunches available

Children who attend The Lilies @ Green Top will have an advantage when reception places are allocated. Green Top Reception is currently oversubscribed.

Call Miss Carter for further information and prices on 01405 813181 or email

If you have any questions about the application process or wish to discuss nursery admissions contact:


  • email:
  • tel: 01302 737205



Fun with phonics!

This week in phonics we have been listening for sounds around us in the environment and listening to instrumental sounds. This week at home why don’t you take part and try . .

A listening walk

Making an instrument that creates a banging sound

Making an instrument that creates a shaking sound


Don’t forget to bring it in to show or pop it in your homework book for that extra sticker, ball or learning legend postcard!