Growth Mindset

Year 5/6 have had a challenging week this week with assessments. Class 14 have been discussing what makes a good learner. We have been working on our growth mindset to help us to develop the skills we need achieve our goals, stay positive and believe in ourselves. Skills that are often hard to use when we find something difficult.


Here is the display they have started to build today…

(Jayden and Myles looking very proud of their silhouettes!)

Yellow Jumper

A very happy Dyllan this week on receiving his ‘OUT OF THIS WORLD’ certificate. Very well deserved after having such an amazing week! The class and I are very proud of you! Keep it up 🙂


I have been made aware of a potential closure of the memorial park due to the forecast of high winds.

The Thorne Moorends Town Council Facebook page states

‘Current forecasts suggest that we may experience wind gusts of up to 56mph overnight and tomorrow. If such winds do arise, due to the high number of trees in the park we may need to close access to Thorne Memorial Park for safety reasons. Access to the café however will be maintained. 

We know that a number of parents use the park as a shortcut to Green Top Primary School so please potentially plan your journeys on the basis that access to the park may be restricted.’



Bird Beak Investigation.

Class 14 carried out an investigation today to help them understand how birds adapt and evolve. They used a variety of different equipment to act as beaks and competed against each other in a race to collect food. The children had great fun and learned lots about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.



A Great Discovery!

Over the weekend Mrs Robertson made a great discovery! The Year 5’s had to work collaboratively to use their multiplication and division skills in order to crack the code that led them to the discovery! The children were so motivated to crack the code and were great Choosing Checking Changing Charlies when they had to check their clues! Once the code was cracked, the clues led them to some bones which had been discovered in the Forest School area! We were all so excited and had great fun!




Developing skills outside of school.

Max has come into school very excited to share his team work sills with Doncaster Rovers. Its lovely to see our children involved in so many fun activities and clubs outside of school. These skills will really help you in school especially when working collaboratively. Thanks for sharing Max 🙂


I have attached the video bellow for you to enjoy. Please support Max and his team, there are more challenges to follow 🙂