Missing Angles

Continuing from our protractor work – Class 13 enjoyed problem solving by finding missing angles on straight lines, in triangles, and around a point. The children were all so proud of their achievements and were real Stickability Stans! Some groups had to be Choosing, Checking, Changing Charlies to find their mistakes and correct their work! They enjoyed loop cards, tarisias and some even enjoyed working out on windows!

A 9-5 win!

A huge well done to my girls tonight! They have played so well and I couldn’t be prouder! They all have great dedication coming to training every week and I have seen such an improvement since they first started!  Keep it up girls ready for the next match!

Thank you to all of the parents and carers who came to support the girls, it’s really appreciated!

Amazing Art!

Class 13 have been producing some beautiful art work with Mrs Green as part of GBlock. They have learnt to use lots of different techniques and have even been doing some salt painting!

Fun Maths Starters!

Today we tried a new maths starter. The children worked in groups and each member took it in turns, to spend 30 seconds looking at an angle poster before going back to their team and drawing what they could remember! There was some great communication between team members and they were extremely competitive!

I was impressed with some of the groups who had a very close match to the original picture!