Bird Beak Experiment

Class 13 carried out a science investigation today where they investigated different ‘beaks’. The children used different tools as beaks to pick up different items – this helped them to understand Darwin’s theory of adaptation!

Angles in a Name!

We are currently learning about angles in maths and for our introductory lesson we found all of the different angles in our name! I was impressed when the children found reflex and straight line angles!


A Great Discovery!

Over the weekend Mrs Robertson made a great discovery! The Year 5’s had to work collaboratively to use their multiplication and division skills in order to crack the code that led them to the discovery! The children were so motivated to crack the code and were great Choosing Checking Changing Charlies when they had to check their clues! Once the code was cracked, the clues led them to some bones which had been discovered in the Forest School area! We were all so excited and had great fun!




Newspaper Articles

Class 13 have been matching newspaper articles with headlines today – all in preparation for when they write their own newspaper! They were really interested in discussing the articles and picked out some great features of newspaper articles! Well done Class 13!

Collaborative Critique

Class 13 worked hard together to peer critique their writing touch downs. They used the rubric to tick off the features they had used and they made sure that they added in any features they had missed. Everyone supported their peers extremely well and the peer critique has made a fantastic difference to their writing. I have really enjoyed reading all of their letters!


Maths Super Stars!

Jenson, Ben and Sophie worked really hard on their arithmetic this week. They had to mark a completed arithmetic test and worked well together working out and checking each of the answers. They demonstrated great collaborative skills and super communication skills! Here they are working out their answers on the table!