So many things to celebrate in F2 and KS1!

We love to hear all about the exciting things the children get up to out of school.  This morning we had so many to celebrate from Irish dancing, ballet, tap dancing, swimming and drama club!  Our children are certainly very talented and very busy when not at school!


Over the last two weeks we have had many more gold award winners in our reading challenge.  Well done on reaching 100 books and winning a gold star for our end of year prize draw.  I wonder if you will reach 200 books and earn a second gold star!

Enjoy your prize books and happy reading!

Mrs Jackson

F2 Phonics – ai ee igh oa

This week we have been learning the long vowel digraphs ai, ee and oa  (as in rain, keep  and road)

We have also learned the trigraph ‘igh’ (as in light)

digraph = 2 letters making one sound

trigraph = 3 letters making one sound

We have been reading and writing words and sentences containing these sounds.

There are lots of free online resources available to support this learning.

Phonics Play phase 3 games –

Please post a comment about your phonics home learning to receive 10 house points!




Indian Dancing

EYFS were very lucky to have Dola visit our school this week to teach the children some Indian dancing. We had a fab time learning about what it was like to live in Indian and learning some traditional Indian dance moves. The children loved dressing up and performing their dance.

On Thursday we will have another visitor coming to teach the children how to cook some traditional Indian food!

Jayden, Joseph and Blake were chosen as our Learning Legends for their amazing dancing!