I have been made aware of a potential closure of the memorial park due to the forecast of high winds.

The Thorne Moorends Town Council Facebook page states

‘Current forecasts suggest that we may experience wind gusts of up to 56mph overnight and tomorrow. If such winds do arise, due to the high number of trees in the park we may need to close access to Thorne Memorial Park for safety reasons. Access to the café however will be maintained. 

We know that a number of parents use the park as a shortcut to Green Top Primary School so please potentially plan your journeys on the basis that access to the park may be restricted.’



Childrens University

Passports have been given out this week for Children’s University and many of the children have heard about how the scheme will operate. This is now a fully funded activity scheme which will result in full graduations during the Summer term with transport provided as part of it. Further information can be found here. You can add out of school clubs your children are part of to the learning destinations by letting your child’s class teacher or the office know that the club need adding.

Another change under the new management of Children’s University is that all children in F2-Y6 who are able to graduate will be invited to the graduation ceremony held at the hub in Doncaster.

If you have any questions please ask your child’s class teacher who will find out your answer if they can’t respond directly.



It has been brought to my attention that there is a worrying video currently being shown at the end of YouTube videos which are aimed at children. Upon further investigation, this has been covered in the national news today also. The messages given out during these videos challenge children to do inappropriate and dangerous things but also not to tell an adult or ‘Momo’ -a scary looking character- will ‘get them’.

This is obviously a huge concern and we will be discussing e-safety tomorrow in our daily circles in all classes, however, please also safeguard your children when they are using YouTube and other social media apps by discussing actions to take if something pops up they are worried about or feel is inappropriate.

Further advice on how to restrict searches on YouTube can be found here 

However, please be aware that some of the inappropriate messages have been embedded into child friendly videos in this case and therefore even safe searches may bring this concerning message up.




So many things to celebrate in F2 and KS1!

We love to hear all about the exciting things the children get up to out of school.  This morning we had so many to celebrate from Irish dancing, ballet, tap dancing, swimming and drama club!  Our children are certainly very talented and very busy when not at school!