Reading Challenge

Well done to all the parents and children who have been taking part in our reading challenge. Some children received their bronze and silver certificates last term. Who will be the first person to reach gold by reading 100 books? The reading challenge is displayed in the F2 shared area.

If you would like any support with home reading please speak too your class teacher. We will be able to give you ideas about how to engage children in early reading and we will explain how their reading skills will develop throughout the reception year.

Please try to send books to school everyday so that we can sign your child’s reading diary when they have read to an adult in school. Books will only be changed on Tuesday and Fridays. Where possible, please try to read books more than once as this helps children to become more familiar and confident with the books they are reading. You may find that your child will receive the same book twice for this reason.

Please remember to sign the reading diary every time your child reads at home so that we can move them on in the reading challenge


Phase 3 Phonics

This week we have recapped the phase 3 digraphs we already know. Next week we will continue to learn even more digraph sounds! We will be learning to spot these in words and we will be learning how to write words containing these sounds.

Sounds we know: j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh th

Next we will learn: ng, ai, ee, igh

Home Learning: Can you spot any of these sounds in words? This could be in your reading book, on signs or in words written by your parents. If you share you learning with us you will receive 10 hps. Comment on the blog or in your homework diaries to receive your house points!

A Frosty Morning

This morning it was very frosty outside. We had so much fun spotting all the frosty things in our outdoor area and watching them disappear. We also found some patches of ice! We loved feeling all the frost and ice with our fingers. Sometimes it was smooth and sometimes it was bumpy. Some things felt slippery.

Fun Outdoors

On Tuesday the children noticed ice in the outdoor area. We had lots of fun breaking the ice and watching it melt and drip out of our warm hands. It is definitely getting colder outside. Please remember to send your children with a warm coat, hat, gloves, scarf and suitable outdoor shoes.