Arithmetic whiz kids

Class 15 astound me with their arithmetic skills. The monthly average in our class is a brilliant 31 out of 40. I was particularly proud of how the children completed the long division questions- a method we only learnt this week in maths block time.

Reading collaboration

Class 15 worked hard on inferring our class novel, Skellig. We scanned the chapters for information about Mum’s character and we discussed her thoughts and feelings at particular parts of the story so far.

It is a book we’re really enjoying so far, we can’t wait to find out more about the man in the garage!


Winner winner

This group of year 6 children represented us at Trinity last week. They had to prove to everyone in the lecture theatre that the moon landing was fake!  Green Top won the conspiracy competition!!!

Well Done from me!

Mrs Roberston said…  The children took place in a panic competition first where they had to find clues and solve questions to win points – they came first! Then after break, they researched their topic which was ‘the moon landing being faked’ they put together a presentation board of evidence, wrote scripts to support the picture evidence then presented their findings to a panel of judges.

The comp was based on presentation skills, their board and their speech.

They all presented their findings amazingly, especially Neo, who forgot to write his speech down so 5 mins before the presentation learned his speech from the board off by heart, which  apparently swung the judges decision. The children were praised for their behaviour and their enthusiasm for learning.

In a nutshell they made us extremely proud.

Maths Investigation Winners!

Well done to Callum, Jayden, Louis-John, Henry and Alex who were victorious in the year 5 and 6 maths investigation. The team demonstrated collaboration, perseverance, determination and motivation to solve the range of puzzles and unmask the thief! The year 6 boys will now represent Green Top at Trinity Academy where they will compete against other schools in the local area.

Great work, boys! The hard work you put into lessons showed in the way you worked as a team to achieve!

A huge well done to all of our Learning Legends this week!

Jayden- Out Of This World- For a positive attitude to all learning and for also impressing teachers during the maths investigation.

Teodora, Kacie, Savannah, Chantelle and Rhianna- For really impressing me with your determination and perseverance in the maths investigation.

Kian B- For sticking at your writing and showing me what you are capable of.

Harry and McKenzie- For impressing Mrs Graves in the hub.

Who will be our Legends next week?