Class 12 homework

Some of our first pieces of homework since Christmas. Charlie has been practising column method multiplication as well as his spelling and Thomas has been making a volcano on minecraft!!

Showtime!! Costumes for Year 3/4 Nativity…


Today, your children should have taken home their character slips informing you all of what part they will be performing in our Nativity performance next Thursday (20th) at St Nicholas Church, 1.30pm.

If you wish, you may provide your own costume for their character however, we do have some costumes that we have set aside for certain people if they are needed.

Please see the list below for the different characters and what we ask as a basic requirement to ensure that all children doing that part are dressed the same. It will also show if we have a costume that we can provide or if you would need to provide this:

Mary = plain white t-shirt and black leggings (school will provide the blue dresses)

Joseph = Brown shirt (can be patterned) and black trousers (own costume)

Mr Poppy = Shirt and black trousers (own costume)

Mr Maddens = Smart shirt with tie and black trousers (own costume)

Mrs Bevan Headteacher = Black leggings and black cardigan (school will provide the dress)

Jennifer = black leggings and black cardigan (school will provide the dress to go over the top)

Hollywood Director = Black long-sleeved top or just a black cardigan (school will provide a dress)

Star = Plain white dress with white tights ( own costume, however school can provide some white dresses if need be). Children will be wearing silver tinsel as headbands (school will provide this).

Shepherd = Plain white t-shirt with normal school trousers (school will provide dresses over).

Sheep = Plain white t-shirt with black trousers

KingsPlain white t-shirt with tracksuit bottoms (school will provide the king costume)

Boyband = Plain white t-shirt with tracksuit bottoms

 Nazareth civilians and Singers = Boys- Plain black t-shirt with black trousers

Girls- Plain black dress with black tights

Father Christmas singers = Christmas pajamas with some slippers.


We would like to thank you all for your continued support and co-operation. If you have any problems or concerns regarding costumes, then please do not hesitate to speak to your class Teacher.

The children are working incredibly hard to put on a great show, so we cannot wait to share it with you all.

Many thanks,

The Year 3 and 4 Teaching Staff




Year 3 and 4 Christmas Parties


Year 3 and 4 will be having their classroom Christmas parties on Wednesday 19th December at 2pm.

Although the class teachers will supply some bits, any party food contributions would be greatly appreciated please e.g. Crisps, biscuits, sausage rolls, juice etc.

Children can also bring a party outfit to get changed in to if they wish.

Looking forward to the festive fun!

Many thanks,

Year 3/4 Teaching staff



Poetry and Singing at ‘Smile a While’

On Monday, Class 12 had the pleasure of performing their celebration songs and poem verses in front of people at ‘Smile a While’. They very much enjoying sharing their theme work and swapping some stories with the people there. Thank you very much for our gifts as well!

Poetry reading at the centenary event

Levi, Alexsis, Max, Freya, Charley, Tilly, Alan and Luella have made me so proud this evening. They read their poems so beautifully at the community Centenery event. There were over 100 members of the public at the event and they were all amazed at how well the children did! Thank you to all parents/carers and children for giving up their evening to attend this event. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Please click the link to watch their poetry reading.

Eden Camp

To continue Year 4’s very busy week, both Class 11 and 12 had a fab time on their visit to Eden Camp War Museum in Malton.

The children enjoyed exploring the 29 different huts that were once occupied by prisoners, followed by a great old fashioned puppet show (even though some of the front row got squirted with water-whoops!!) and finally finished off with a visit to the museum gift shop.

Later in the week, the children were then Connecting Connie’s in Literacy and produced their own non-chronological reports on Eden Camp as this is our current focus in writing. What super stars!


Thorne Remembers

Last week, both Year 4 classes were fortunate enough to visit the local church and see the absolutely stunning display that has been created for Remembrance Day- including seeing their own beautiful art work that has been on display too! The children also took a 2 minute silence where they were able to reflect on the 100 year celebration and what it meant to them.