Amazing theme work

The children worked in teams to create fact files about The Queen. They worked collaboratively reading facts around the room and researching on the chrome books. Well done class 8 you were amazing!  



Out of school achievements.

A huge congratulations to the girls who have all taken part in competitions in the last 2 weekends.
The “babies” achieved 2nd and 3rd place and the older girls got 1st and 2 x thirds as well!
Ronnie Eve Amelia Florri and Mia and Isla babies

Charley and Ava Juvenilles

I heard Ronnie and Eve also participated in solo acts against some very big sections no placements but they were absolutely out of this world.

Well done to all of you!!!

Literacy Labs last week

Last week Class 8 worked well collaboratively in their theme linked literacy labs sessions.  They completed reading comprehension, read descriptions of castles they then had to draw and worked in teams to build a castle with a working drawbridge.

Hot dogs, popcorn and film night

Sunset club staff and children enjoyed ‘film night’ to celebrate the end of the half term. Great fun was had by all!