Escape from Pompeii







Class 11 have worked incredibly hard this week to uplevel their vocabulary linked to our class text, Escape from Pompeii.

Using this vocabulary, the children have then worked collaboratively to create their own poetry chants for when Pompeii has an earthquake tremor- similar to what they have read in the book.

Follow the links to see what some of the children in Class 11 have created, and watch them perform using lots of theatrical action and expression!


Miss Laing

Jak, The Historian!

Here is our super star Jak showing off his absolutely amazing homework! I’m so impressed by Jak’s Exploring Eddie and Curious Cleo attitude towards our new theme!

Jak went to the local library on Thursday after school to undertake his own research on the history of the Titanic, and print off the information so that he could share it with our class.

Also, just to be even more of a superstar, Jak has drawn and shaded his own Titanic- it’s fantastic!!! AND, Jak has also wrote an information text all about Avalanches!

Huge well done Jak, and keep up the great work! Don’t forget to put all of your housepoints on!

Miss Laing


Fantastic French!

In French this week, Class 11 have worked incredibly hard with Mrs Hardman learning how to describe the Titanic using colours and also explain key facts such as when it first set sail and when it sank.

Not only was their writing fantastic, but their drawings were amazing too!

Superstars bien fait!! (Well done superstars!!)

Miss Laing

AJ’s amazing creation of the Titanic!

Huge well done AJ on your latest homework creation this week! I’m so impressed by the amount of detail that your Titanic has and also very proud of all of your hard work! It must have taken you ages! This definitely deserves 50 housepoints!!

Keep it up and let’s see what you can create next!

Miss Laing

Amazing Homework!

Huge well done to Emily for producing this beautiful painting of a volcanic eruption!

This is our first piece of homework for 2019 and it’s certainly set the bar high. The painting is now being show cased in our volcano area

I wonder who will be next to have their homework on the wall of fame?

Miss Laing

Hook week- Painting with watercolours

Class 11 have continued to create some amazing pieces of artwork today for our new theme, focussing on Tsunamis.

The children carefully used watercolours to paint a beach scene practising their brush strokes and blending skills.

The finished pictures are absolutely stunning, and I was so proud by how much attention to detail you made to ensure that you mixed each of the colours “just right”. We have got some budding artists within our class!

Well done!

Miss Laing

Volcano making- Family Learning

What a great (and slightly messy/sticky) afternoon for our family learning today!

The children and their grown ups worked great together to create their own volcanoes in readiness for our explosive science experiment later on in the term. They used the very technical ‘papier-mâché method’ to do this, which took great patience and skill. Our classroom was full of Can Do Colin’s! Next step now, is to get the paint brushes out and totally transform their image!

Huge thank you to the much appreciated support from our parents- none of it would be possible without you. Also, thank you to Mrs Hardman for leading the afternoon, it looked great!

Miss Laing

Today was the start of our new theme journey so the children have started off strong making various craft animals to go in our Arctic area, followed on by working collaboratively to create their own fact files on the different animals ready to go up on display in one of our many areas within the classroom.

I’m so excited to see what we can create next!

Well done guys!

Miss Laing

Why are you running for your life?


Welcome back Class 11!

What a great start we’ve had to our new theme today!

In Literacy, the children have worked incredibly together to make predictions on their new book “Escape from Pompeii”. In their groups, the children were given different pieces of the front cover and were asked to gather their ideas on what each piece might be about, what it tells us and why. Every time, a little bit more of the front cover was revealed until finally, they were able to uncover our book and its title!

I am extremely impressed with their attitudes towards their learning today and how they have just thrown themselves in to each activity!

Well done everybody! Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


Miss Laing

Merry Christmas Class 11!

We have felt all the feels this term- excitement, sadness, feeling proud and perhaps even confusion at times, particularly during assessment week- but what a term it has been!

Despite only joining Class 11 half way through this term, I have been totally blown away by each and every one of the children. I am in awe of how they support and care for each other both academically and emotionally, as well as also being there for me too at times.

I hope that you all have a wonderful and merry Christmas, with lots of rest so that you are raring to go, ready for our new theme in the new year.

See you soon,

Miss Laing