Keira the ninja!

Huge well done Keira on being awarded Purple belt at your Martial Arts school!

Keep it up! You’ve got such determination and strength to grade and achieve the next belt each time!

You’ll be a black belt before you know it!

Miss Laing x

Embracing the sunshine!

Class 11 took full advantage of the sunshine this morning by taking their reading comprehension outside!

It made a lovely change to be outside, and our answers were just as fantastic as ever!

The children are now getting very skilled at referring back to the text to answer the questions!

Keep it up superstars!

Miss Laing x

Well done and thank you to everyone who has made some delicious tasty treats as part of their homework for this theme!

We’ve had a wide range of things brought in from cookies, brownies, biscuits and also chocolate covered strawberries!

You are all superstars! Keep it up and I look forward to seeing what else we get next half term!

Miss Laing x

Year 3/4 Learning Visit


Trip letters will be going out tomorrow for Year 3/4’s visit to the York Chocolate Story on Monday 3rd June (Year 4) and Tuesday 4th June (Year 3).

On both days, we are due to return back to school for 3.30pm therefore you will receive two things that will need filling out and handing back to us giving permission for it going out of school hours.

Can you please fill in both consent forms, sign and hand them back to your child’s class teacher ASAP!

Thank you very much for your patience and continued support. It’s going to be an amazing day for the children!!


The Year 3/4 Team

3/4 benchball

A number of children from years 3&4 played in a bench ball tournament against Marshland this evening. I was so impressed with how well they played. We didn’t get the overall win but we managed to score lots of points over the course of the games.

Thank you as always to all the parents and carers who came to supper the children. It is hugely appreciated. We hope to see you all at the next game after half term!

Delicious homework treats!!


Thank you so much to these star bakers for bringing in these tasty treats for us today! As part of our homework menu this term, one of the activities is to make something edible and they certainly delivered the goods!

Keira made some gorgeous shortbread biscuits called Shortbread Surprise as well as writing down a set of instructions for us to explain exactly how she made them! Super star! 100 house points!

Emily made some beautiful chocolate brownies and brilliantly explained to our class how she made them and what ingredients she needed! Also a super star!!! 100 house points.

I think this is quickly becoming our favourite theme so far (who wouldn’t love all of this chocolate?)!

Miss Laing x


Market Research!

This morning, Class 11 visited the local shop to undertake some market research on product packaging in order to get some ideas for when they design their own delicious product that’s fit for Willy Wonka’s Factory!

Once we had got back to school, we had a circle to discuss why that product stood out to them; What made the packaging so appealing? What ideas could they take from that product and put in to their own?

The children had some creative ideas so I’m very excited to see what they can come up with! Watch this space! And watch out Cadbury’s!!!

Miss Laing x

Do you fancy a change? Hook week!

Class 11 had a great first week last week enhancing our classroom in to a Willy Wonka themed extravaganza!

Well done everyone, it was fab to have you all back and to see you enthused and raring to go for another term!

Its going to be great!!!

Miss Laing x