Spelling Challenge!

Who can win 40 house points for their team?

You will be awarded with 20 house points if you can find 5 words which end in the suffix ‘es’.

You will then get a further 20 house points if you can put 3 of them into sentences.

Can you include the conjunction ‘and’ and ‘because’?

Can you add a range of punctuation (, ! ? ‘) that you have been taught?


Please record your words and sentences in your homework book. I can’t wait to read them!


Mrs Hay 🙂

Ks1 sponsored walk

What a fantastic walk class 7 had this morning! We all successfully completed our 2 mile sponsored walk around Thorne in the glorious sunshine! I hope the parents who joined us enjoyed it as much as the children did although they especially enjoyed the juice and biscuits afterwards.

We are raising money as a key stage to help us with the production of 4 safety boards, which will be permanently placed in and around the Thorne Community showing children’s work and ideas to help promote safety on scooters, skateboards and bikes!

Thank you in advance for any money that we receive , we as staff and the children appreciate your continued support!

Mrs Shaw x

Well done year 1 and year 2 for completing your 2 mile sponsored walk this morning. You were a credit to the school with outstanding behaviour and energy! The sun shining was just perfect weather for a walk.  The children enjoyed a drink and treat when they returned to school.

Thank you to all the family members that walked with us, your support is very much appreciated.

Mrs Jackson and the KS1 team


Beautiful artwork in class 7

Class 7 have been studying landscapes in art with Mrs Hardman this week and they reproduced their own landscapes in the style of Ted Harrison. The photos don’t do them justice as they look particularly striking in real life!

Next week they will be taking it a step further with paints and PVA glue to give a 3d effect! Such great work and pride from the children today!

Well done! Mrs Shaw


I have been made aware of a potential closure of the memorial park due to the forecast of high winds.

The Thorne Moorends Town Council Facebook page states

‘Current forecasts suggest that we may experience wind gusts of up to 56mph overnight and tomorrow. If such winds do arise, due to the high number of trees in the park we may need to close access to Thorne Memorial Park for safety reasons. Access to the café however will be maintained. 

We know that a number of parents use the park as a shortcut to Green Top Primary School so please potentially plan your journeys on the basis that access to the park may be restricted.’