Rugby finals – Thornensians 6.5.19

Thanks to Mrs Fenwick for sharing the photos from the Thornensians event at the weekend. We were delighted to support Mr Ambler and his team mates (many of whom are past or present parents). All the children who attended or took part walking out with the team have been talking about this experience with pride today. Well done all- a great community event! Mrs Fenwick shared the news of the ‘Junior Vase Final which took place at the National home of Rugby Union.
Thornensians has the chance of a life time to play at one of the best venues in the world.  Freya Fenwick was picked to be the mascot of the team to walk out on to the pitch alongside the Captain of Thornensians, her Dad, James. Many children from Green Top were in stadium to watch and we’re also given the opportunity to be part of the Guard of Homiur for the players and Freya to walk through.
An amazing day and an experience of a lifetime for all.’


open the book


We had our open the book assembly yesterday and some of the audience got a chance to be part of it! Everyone listened to the story carefully and joined in with the song at the end. Everyone showed our guests how great Green Top children are, we are very proud of you all.

Support for handwriting in KS1

Hello Parents!

We are working hard at school to develop your child’s handwriting skills. Here are a few simple ways you can help support your child with their handwriting…

1. Practise letter movements

Children get better at producing letters by practising letter movements: big letters on concrete with chalks; little letters in shaving foam; letters in sand, jelly and on paper.

The same is true of joins between letters. If children learn the correct movements for basic joins, they will use them efficiently when writing on paper.

2. Plan handwriting into every day

Try to encourage your child to write something everyday. This could be a shopping list for your weekly shop or writing a story of their own to share with you.

3. Reward all writing

Children need to build confidence in their writing. By rewarding their writing efforts with a simple sticker or tick chart will encourage them to continue writing and build their confidence in their own abilities. We will always give extra house points in school to encourage anything extra your child does at home!

If you would like any support with handwriting or the cursive scheme Green Top follow, please feel free to see me or your child’s class teacher.

Happy writing!

Mrs Hay 🙂

Welcome back

Class 6 have been so busy today making things to enhance our Learning Environment!

We had lots of fabulous conversations about our new theme and the children are extremely excited to see what their new learning will bring!

We will keep you posted

Keep up the amazing learning attitudes Class 6

Mrs Wallace 😊