Maths is fun at Green Top!

The Year 5 life skills groups with Mrs Walton used weight and measure to bake cookies in preparation for the following days maths lesson about fractions.

They were rewarded for their hard work by eating the cookies after they divided them into the correct fractions.




Sensory Snowball Fight

To get us ini the Christmas spirit, Sensory Circuit started with a snowball fight today. The blurry photos show how fast everyone was moving, and we all ended up hot and sweaty after all the fun had finished.

To prepare ouselves for Christmas, our mindfulness meditation was called ‘The Gift of You’ and reminded us that not all presents can be bought, and that being around for other people can be the greatest gift of all.


A Time for Giving

Over the last few weeks, children and staff at Green Top have demonstrated how Christmas is not only a time for receiving but also for giving, as they have donated food and toiletries to the ‘Pay It Forward Advent’ in aid of the Thorne Community Foodbank.

Children in Year 6 then gave their time to support the volunteers at the Food bank in giving out bags. Paul Brian even sang a song to get everyone in a Christmas mood.

Support of the Food bank will continue into the new year, with groups of Year 6 children going down every week to help.


Coffee Morning

Many thanks to  School Nurse, Pat Kemp and the Family Information Service and SaidSend for attending our coffee morning this morning.

It was the first time we have held a coffee morning in school in partnership with other services supporting families and it was well received by our parents and carers and family members who were able to attend.

We certainly hope to repeat it again in the future.