Literacy Predictions

Today in Class 6 we have been exploring our new text in Literacy. The children put together the jigsaw pieces of the front cover and did some predictions of what they think the story will be about.

We can’t wait until tomorrow to find out if we were right!

We will keep you posted.

Mrs Wallace 😊

Fabulous Phonics

Well done to all of the children in Class 6 for some amazing phonics work! We had lots of fun playing reading games and spotting our Phase 5 sounds in real and alien words whilst reading those words.

Keep up the hard work Class 6!

What a super first week back!

Mrs Wallace 😊

Super Scooters

The children in Year 1 had so much fun this afternoon on our bring your scooter to school day! What fun we had..the children were following all of the safety procedures and they blew Miss Hilton and I away with their behaviour and grown up attitudes!

Well done guys 😊

Thankyou to all parents for your continued support

Mrs Wallace and Miss Hilton

Sensory Snowball Fight

To get us ini the Christmas spirit, Sensory Circuit started with a snowball fight today. The blurry photos show how fast everyone was moving, and we all ended up hot and sweaty after all the fun had finished.

To prepare ouselves for Christmas, our mindfulness meditation was called ‘The Gift of You’ and reminded us that not all presents can be bought, and that being around for other people can be the greatest gift of all.


Phonics update

As mentioned we have started Phase 5 this half term.

The sounds that we have covered so far are ay, ou, ie, ea, oy, ir, ue, aw and wh.

We have been spelling words with these sounds in, we have been reading words containing the sound and we have been spotting and highlighting the sound also.

A great game to play with your children could be Flashlight Words.

Make some word cards with the sounds in eg play, cloud, tie.

Turn off the lights and use a flashlight or torch to flash on each word card. Children to read the word as you flash on them.

Have fun !!

Mrs Wallace