Maths is fun at Green Top!

The Year 5 life skills groups with Mrs Walton used weight and measure to bake cookies in preparation for the following days maths lesson about fractions.

They were rewarded for their hard work by eating the cookies after they divided them into the correct fractions.




Literacy Predictions

Today in Class 6 we have been exploring our new text in Literacy. The children put together the jigsaw pieces of the front cover and did some predictions of what they think the story will be about.

We can’t wait until tomorrow to find out if we were right!

We will keep you posted.

Mrs Wallace 😊

Fabulous Phonics

Well done to all of the children in Class 6 for some amazing phonics work! We had lots of fun playing reading games and spotting our Phase 5 sounds in real and alien words whilst reading those words.

Keep up the hard work Class 6!

What a super first week back!

Mrs Wallace 😊

Super Scooters

The children in Year 1 had so much fun this afternoon on our bring your scooter to school day! What fun we had..the children were following all of the safety procedures and they blew Miss Hilton and I away with their behaviour and grown up attitudes!

Well done guys 😊

Thankyou to all parents for your continued support

Mrs Wallace and Miss Hilton

Literacy Labs

This week in Literacy Labs we have been making containers to transport our dragon. The children had art straws and lots of problems to solve. I was super impressed by the ideas that they planned and then transferred into their models!!

Well done guys 😊

Mrs Wallace


This week in phonics our sounds have been ure, air and oo (the short sound like in book or cook)

We found these quite tricky, especially ure. Something that might help is talking through some words where the spelling is the same for ure but it sounds different.

eg Pleasure, treasure, pure, cure, insure.

Can you think of any more?

Could you write them out and then highlight the sound?

Thanks for your continued support.