Impact of Snow on Green Top

The following arrangements are put into operation at Green Top, during days when we experience disruption caused by severe snow or extreme weather.

  • A text will be sent to parents by 7.30am if the school is going to close
  • The closure will be also be posted on the school website.
  • If conditions deteriorate during a school day a decision may be made to close the school early. A text will always be sent parents to inform them of any changes and arrangements for early collection to be confirmed. 
  • If you do not hear from the school then assume it is a normal day and we are OPEN
  • If we are open but pathways and drives are of concern, then we will send a text requesting support from parents to help Alan to clear these areas.

Thank you in advance for your support with this.

Fantastic Gymnastics!

Today Miss Schon and Mrs Hardman took two teams of gymnasts to the Primary Gymnastics Competition at Dearne Valley Leisure Centre. The children were amazing and showed lots of confidence and skill with their floor and vault routines. Every child tried their hardest and performed their personal best. We are so proud of them! We must give a special mention to the Y3/4 team who placed 3rd out of 18 Doncaster schools! What a great achievement. Good luck to the team of gymnasts who will be competing tomorrow.

More photographs of all the teams will be posted after the event tomorrow.

F2 Phonics – ai ee igh oa

This week we have been learning the long vowel digraphs ai, ee and oa  (as in rain, keep  and road)

We have also learned the trigraph ‘igh’ (as in light)

digraph = 2 letters making one sound

trigraph = 3 letters making one sound

We have been reading and writing words and sentences containing these sounds.

There are lots of free online resources available to support this learning.

Phonics Play phase 3 games –

Please post a comment about your phonics home learning to receive 10 house points!




Reading Challenge

Well done to all the parents and children who have been taking part in our reading challenge. Some children received their bronze and silver certificates last term. Who will be the first person to reach gold by reading 100 books? The reading challenge is displayed in the F2 shared area.

If you would like any support with home reading please speak too your class teacher. We will be able to give you ideas about how to engage children in early reading and we will explain how their reading skills will develop throughout the reception year.

Please try to send books to school everyday so that we can sign your child’s reading diary when they have read to an adult in school. Books will only be changed on Tuesday and Fridays. Where possible, please try to read books more than once as this helps children to become more familiar and confident with the books they are reading. You may find that your child will receive the same book twice for this reason.

Please remember to sign the reading diary every time your child reads at home so that we can move them on in the reading challenge


science work in class 7 on forces

Class 7 learnt some new vocabulary today and we put some actions to help us remember what they mean. We learnt about different forces, particularly ones that are in action when you ride on a scooter. We now know about the push and pull force. We know that friction happens when 2 or more surfaces touch or rub together and we learnt that brakes and your feet are a form of resistance. 

Why don’t you ask the children if they can remember what actions they did to match the vocabulary.

Superb learning in science today!

Mrs Shaw x


Class 7 scooter day!!!

What a fantastically engaging day.

We have compared everyone’s scooters and looked at similarities and differences. We have drawn and labelled different parts of a scooter. We all tried to ride different types of scooters and discussed how you used brakes, your feet and the handle bars to move and ride on different surfaces.

And of course  we couldn’t have all these vehicles in school without having a few races. What a lovely day!

Mrs Shaw x