Impact of Snow on Green Top

The following arrangements are put into operation at Green Top, during days when we experience disruption caused by severe snow or extreme weather.

  • A text will be sent to parents by 7.30am if the school is going to close
  • The closure will be also be posted on the school website.
  • If conditions deteriorate during a school day a decision may be made to close the school early. A text will always be sent parents to inform them of any changes and arrangements for early collection to be confirmed. 
  • If you do not hear from the school then assume it is a normal day and we are OPEN
  • If we are open but pathways and drives are of concern, then we will send a text requesting support from parents to help Alan to clear these areas.

Thank you in advance for your support with this.

Showtime!! Costumes for Year 3/4 Nativity…


Today, your children should have taken home their character slips informing you all of what part they will be performing in our Nativity performance next Thursday (20th) at St Nicholas Church, 1.30pm.

If you wish, you may provide your own costume for their character however, we do have some costumes that we have set aside for certain people if they are needed.

Please see the list below for the different characters and what we ask as a basic requirement to ensure that all children doing that part are dressed the same. It will also show if we have a costume that we can provide or if you would need to provide this:

Mary = plain white t-shirt and black leggings (school will provide the blue dresses)

Joseph = Brown shirt (can be patterned) and black trousers (own costume)

Mr Poppy = Shirt and black trousers (own costume)

Mr Maddens = Smart shirt with tie and black trousers (own costume)

Mrs Bevan Headteacher = Black leggings and black cardigan (school will provide the dress)

Jennifer = black leggings and black cardigan (school will provide the dress to go over the top)

Hollywood Director = Black long-sleeved top or just a black cardigan (school will provide a dress)

Star = Plain white dress with white tights ( own costume, however school can provide some white dresses if need be). Children will be wearing silver tinsel as headbands (school will provide this).

Shepherd = Plain white t-shirt with normal school trousers (school will provide dresses over).

Sheep = Plain white t-shirt with black trousers

KingsPlain white t-shirt with tracksuit bottoms (school will provide the king costume)

Boyband = Plain white t-shirt with tracksuit bottoms

 Nazareth civilians and Singers = Boys- Plain black t-shirt with black trousers

Girls- Plain black dress with black tights

Father Christmas singers = Christmas pajamas with some slippers.


We would like to thank you all for your continued support and co-operation. If you have any problems or concerns regarding costumes, then please do not hesitate to speak to your class Teacher.

The children are working incredibly hard to put on a great show, so we cannot wait to share it with you all.

Many thanks,

The Year 3 and 4 Teaching Staff




Thank you……..

It has been an absolute pleasure spending 3 days with a great bunch of kids. You were polite, well behaved, fun and excitable.

Graham, our coach drive said you are a great bunch of kids and he’s loved driving us around!

A shop keeper commented that it was a pleasure to have well behaved, well mannered kids in the shop – she said she wasn’t used to it.

We had no dramas or tantrums (other than Mr Ambler when we made him go shopping) and I know Green Top’s proud of you all!

Have a great weekend and get plenty of sleep!

See you Monday!

Mrs O, Mr Ambler, Mr Mumby, Miss Thurkettle and Mrs Robertson x x

buns for blue day

Photos to follow…

JJ and Eleanor from Class 5 (Year 1) enjoyed icing cakes for the Blue Bun Sale in Alan’s memory . They included some “A’s” for Alan. JJ said that he felt sad that Alan had died as he wanted to be able to show him the cakes he had made for him 😢 The two of them discussed the fact that Alan was up in heaven with a big brush and a huge bunch of keys!  Alan touched the hearts of so many and is sorely missed. I keep expecting him to be there when we collect the children from after-school club. He often had a chocolate treat for the children but the biggest treat of all was being chosen to accompany him on gate-locking duty…RIP Alan x

Christmas light switch on

Well done to our amazing choir who ensured the community of Thorne were well and truly in the Christmas Spirit. A great start to the festivities as part of the Thorne Christmas Light Switch On. Thanks to Mrs Gutteridge for organising such an awesome melody. It was lovely to see so many parents and staff supporting the event.


A star for ‘Our Alan’

Having lost Alan this week and seeing the impact it has had on both staff and children, I wanted to do something for everyone to try and make it a little easier. Myself and my husband Steve have purchased a star in memory of Alan. It is for everyone at school, and we named it ‘Our Alan’. I just thought if we all had something we could see to remember him, wherever we are, it could make this sad time a little easier to get through.
Mr and Mrs Stone x

We have created a blog for Alan – if anyone wants to leave any comments please do so.  Miss Salter will upload things sent to also… #Always4Alan


Phonics Update

Class 3 and 4 have finished learning the phase 2 phonics sounds. The sounds the children have learned are:

s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f  ff  l  ll  ss

You may find your child is more confident with recognising and writing the earlier sounds, this is normal at this stage and children will become more confident with the sounds as we move through Phase 3.

Children have been introduced to simple digaraphs. A digraph is 2 letters that make only one sound for example the ff in the word ‘huff’ and the ss in the word ‘hiss’. Children have learned the digaraphs ff,  ll, ss and zz. Phase 3 will introduce children to lots more digraph sounds.

Children should now be increasingly confident in reading words with 2 and 3 sounds such as the words is, on, cat, mum. Children should now be identifying sounds in the words they want to write and recalling how to write some of these letters. This is something we will continue to practise.

If you are worried about your child’s progress in phonics or would like more information on how phonics is taught please make an appointment to speak to your childs class teacher.