Inside Baby Benny’s nappy bag!

As part of our routes of empathy sessions we discussed what a baby would need for a journey. We looked inside Baby Benny’s nappy bag. Benny has grown so much since we last saw him. He’s sitting up and trying very hard to crawl too!

Benny has a red baby record book in his bag where his height and weight are recorded. Mrs Dewsnap challenged us all to ask our mums and dads about our red book and find out what is written in our books. Mrs Dewsnap said we would get 10 house points if we can find something out about ourselves as a baby from our red book.

  1. Neve has found her red book and now knows that she was 8lb 10 and was born at 1:53 am

  2. I showed Erin her red book, she now knows that she weighed 6lb 3oz and was 53cm tall.

  3. This is awesome Neve and Erin! It’s great that you have both continued your learning at home! 10 house points each!


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