Paddington challenge!

Following our hook week I would like to set you a challenge all about Paddington!

If you know the answers to any of these questions ask your gown ups to post your replies and each reply will win 10 house points!

  1. Where is Paddington from originally?
  2. Who found Paddington sitting on his suitcase?
  3. What did Paddington’s label say?
  4. What is Paddington’s favourite food?
  5. Who is Michael Bond and why is he important to Paddington?

I can’t wait to see your responses!

Miss Salter

  1. Archie Nicholas

    Archie says paddington bear is from peru and he loves marmalade sandwiches

  2. Ronnie Buck with help from her big sister says:
    1) Darkest Peru
    2) The Browns
    3) please look after this bear
    4) marmalade sandwiches

  3. Lisa Hallam

    By Erin Hallam.
    1. Darkest Peru.
    2. Mr Brown.
    3. Look after me.
    4. Marmalade.
    5. Grownups explained to Erin that Michael
    Bond was the author who wrote the
    story books.

  4. Danielle Oneill

    Mason Tipper

    1) Darkest Peru
    2) Mr Brown
    3) Please look after this bear
    4) Marmalade sandwiches


  5. Callum said 2) Mrs brown and Mr brown 3) ‘can you look after me please?’ 4) jam and marmalade sandwiches

  6. Amy Wood answered:
    1- darkest Peru
    2-Mr Brown
    3-please will you look after this bear
    4-marmalade sandwiches!
    5-Adult explained he is the author (wrote the book)

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