Lego foundation visit Green Top

These children made me so proud today completing a learning ambassador tour of our school for 16 teachers from Billund and the Lego foundation in Denmark. The visitors were blown away by the passion shared by our students and the learning produced at Green Top. Well done to all the staff and children involved! Wow!

Factory shop 50 years competition

Class 10 entered the factory shop 50 years competition last week and I am so pleased to say they won the local competition and are through to the next stage (the national competition). They had to create a piece of artwork which represents our community. They included the pit gates, Thorne church, peel hill and the mayors chain. Of course, we added children in green top uniform too! Then the children included self portraits with the quote “we are all different, we are all unique but together  we make a community”.

The children have been invited to a reveal of the art work at the Factory shop where their artwork will now be displayed for all to see. This will take place on Saturday 18th May at 2:00pm. 

We are keeping our fingers crossed we win the next round and the prize of £1000 for our school. Well done Class 10, Mrs Clay and I are so proud of you all as always!

Walk to Thorne woods postponed

Unfortunately due to the weather forecast tomorrow we have taken the decision to cancel the walk tomorrow for EYFS children. We are hoping to rearrange to another date before the end of term weather permitting!

Thank you to all parents and carers who offered their support to walk with us and we hope you can join us next time.

Thank you for your understanding

Miss Carter, Miss Schon, Miss Vaughn and Miss Salter



Rugby finals – Thornensians 6.5.19

Thanks to Mrs Fenwick for sharing the photos from the Thornensians event at the weekend. We were delighted to support Mr Ambler and his team mates (many of whom are past or present parents). All the children who attended or took part walking out with the team have been talking about this experience with pride today. Well done all- a great community event! Mrs Fenwick shared the news of the ‘Junior Vase Final which took place at the National home of Rugby Union.
Thornensians has the chance of a life time to play at one of the best venues in the world.  Freya Fenwick was picked to be the mascot of the team to walk out on to the pitch alongside the Captain of Thornensians, her Dad, James. Many children from Green Top were in stadium to watch and we’re also given the opportunity to be part of the Guard of Homiur for the players and Freya to walk through.
An amazing day and an experience of a lifetime for all.’


LCFC – acknowledgement for Alan

Jake and his family have been in talks with LCFC since Alan’s passing and were sent this beautiful certificate of acknowledgement of Alan’s dedication to both the school and the football club, both of which we know he loved dearly.

This was shared with the children in todays’ assembly and will be placed in the school foyer.

Thanks Jake and LCFC!

open the book


We had our open the book assembly yesterday and some of the audience got a chance to be part of it! Everyone listened to the story carefully and joined in with the song at the end. Everyone showed our guests how great Green Top children are, we are very proud of you all.