Thank you……..

It has been an absolute pleasure spending 3 days with a great bunch of kids. You were polite, well behaved, fun and excitable.

Graham, our coach drive said you are a great bunch of kids and he’s loved driving us around!

A shop keeper commented that it was a pleasure to have well behaved, well mannered kids in the shop – she said she wasn’t used to it.

We had no dramas or tantrums (other than Mr Ambler when we made him go shopping) and I know Green Top’s proud of you all!

Have a great weekend and get plenty of sleep!

See you Monday!

Mrs O, Mr Ambler, Mr Mumby, Miss Thurkettle and Mrs Robertson x x

  1. Well done Crew!
    Thanks to the staff for all their efforts and well done to the kids for being great Green Top ambassadors!
    Enjoy your weekends.

  2. Mrs Robertson

    It’s been an absolute honour to be part of this incredible trip. Thank you to Mrs Overson for all her hard work organising every detail. The children were increadible. Thank you xxx

  3. Tracy riggs

    They’ve had such a brilliant time, Thankyou to all the staff that looked after them, green top really is great!

  4. Claire stables

    Thank you everyone….. Megan has had THE most wonderful time ……. really appreciate the time and effort made into creating such amazing memories….. enjoy a well deserved rest this weekend x

  5. We’ve missed you all lots! Great photos of great memories guys! Lots of sleep this weekend… see you Monday

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