Here are more photographs from our wonderful visit to the National Railway Museum.


We have had an amazing day at the train museum for the EYFS visit. Thanks to all the parents and carers who were able to attend and support the visit!

Paddington came too!

We didn’t forget his marmalade sandwiches.

We dressed up like we would have done if we went on a days holiday over 100 years ago. We put on the clothes the children would have worn and we sat in the carriages, looking at the way the doors and windows opened too!


We looked at the Mallard train from above and walked under on of the trains.

We tried out the seats on one of the trains.  We compared our height to the height of the tunnel that goes to France and looked at the Euro star train.


We have had a great day. Mrs Cook, Miss Hughes and Miss Carter took lots of photos too so some of those will be added here soon!

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