Weekly phonics challenges

As part of our continued support for phonics and reading strategies to try at home. EYFS staff will be setting weekly phonics challenges via the website. If you comment or send a photo/message via email (eyfs@greentopschool.co.uk) to Miss Salter your child will receive 10 housepoints!

Have fun!

This weeks phonics challenge is below

Look at the pictures – can you identify the sounds in these words? Maybe you could write a list?

  1. Jenny-Leila's mum

    Leila said “sh” for ship. “Ch” for chips and “sh” for fish, “which is the same as ship”.

  2. Helen Matthews

    Eve said the sounds were “b” for boat, “ch” for chips and “f” for fish. Here is her list using these sounds:
    b for Biff
    f for food
    ch for children
    b for big
    ch for chair
    b for bed
    b for bikini
    f for fingers
    f for fairy

  3. Lindsay Fenwick

    Freya said:
    Sh for ship
    Ch for chips
    Sh for fish
    Sh: shoes, sheep, shut (up!)
    Ch: choo chop, church, chair

  4. Nahlas’ mum emailed me last week to let me know how Nahla got on with this challenge.
    ‘ship with the sounds sh like she and shut,
    chip with the sound ch like touch and chop,
    fish with the sound sh like short and shoe and ship!’
    Well done Nahla – 10 houespoints!

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