Winner winner

This group of year 6 children represented us at Trinity last week. They had to prove to everyone in the lecture theatre that the moon landing was fake!  Green Top won the conspiracy competition!!!

Well Done from me!

Mrs Roberston said…  The children took place in a panic competition first where they had to find clues and solve questions to win points – they came first! Then after break, they researched their topic which was ‘the moon landing being faked’ they put together a presentation board of evidence, wrote scripts to support the picture evidence then presented their findings to a panel of judges.

The comp was based on presentation skills, their board and their speech.

They all presented their findings amazingly, especially Neo, who forgot to write his speech down so 5 mins before the presentation learned his speech from the board off by heart, which  apparently swung the judges decision. The children were praised for their behaviour and their enthusiasm for learning.

In a nutshell they made us extremely proud.

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